Are you struggling to determine what it is that you want to do with the rest of your life? Are you just now choosing a career or are you looking to make a switch? Either way, a career in the health care industry may be exactly what it is you are looking for.

Health care is one of the largest American industries and half of the fastest growing occupations may be found here. Yep you read right, half of the top 20 fastest growing careers are in health. More jobs are being created in this area as the American population ages (mainly due to the increasing age of the baby boomer generation).

One of the best aspects of a lot of these fast growing jobs don’t require  many don’t require a college education. Medical careers are the way to go if you like working with others and helping them improve their quality of life. Throw in the fact that a lot of these well paying careers can be pursued without an eternity spent in a classroom and you begin to see why careers in healthcare and medicine are becoming so popular.

What You Can Expect From Careers In Medicine

When you start looking into Medical Careers, the first thing you will notice is that the industry in general focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients of every age. Most than three quarters of the industry is compromised of physician and dental offices or those of other health care practitioners. Hospitals make up only 1% of health care establishments yet employ 40% of those in the field. Other types of health care establishments include nursing care facilities and medical and diagnostic laboratories among other institutions.

Where The Jobs Are

As of 2008, there were 14.3 million jobs in the health care industry. Forty percent of these jobs were found in hospitals, 21% in residential and nursing care facilities and 16% in physician offices. Jobs in this field can be found across America, but most are located in metropolitan areas. Medical Careers encompass everything from physicians and dentists to physical therapists to social workers and home care aides. The level of education required will depend on which occupation you choose. Some jobs only require a high school education while others require years of specialized training.

The Fastest Growing Job Sector In The United States

Many turn to medical careers as this is such as fast growing occupation. The industry is expected to bring in 3.2 million new jobs through 2018. The jobs will come as a result of industry growth and the retirement of workers currently in the industry or those who choose to switch fields. The growth rate will be double that of other fields with 46% of these jobs being created in the home health care services.

The salary varies greatly depending on which type of job you choose. Most in the field do receive benefits such as health insurance, pension plans and paid time off. This also varies greatly depending on employer. If a medical career sounds like a good fit for you, do some research to see which are is best suited for your individual needs. There is sure to be one.

Good Introductory Video To Job Possibilities In Healthcare

The possibilities are truly massive and there are a lot of different types of jobs in medicine and healthcare that cover a lot of various tastes. Take a look at this chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that shows the top fastest growing jobs in the country. Take a look at how many of them are in the healthcare sphere! Here are some quick links to some of those fast growing career pages: Home health aide as career is right at the top in terms of growth. You can also check out our how to become a dental hygienist page for another popular, fast growing career. Two of our most popular posts are our physical therapy assistant page and our how to become a physical therapist.

One of the fastest growing careers with a fairly low barrier for entry is medical assisting. Check out our online medical assistant programs and our medical assistant certification exam pages for more info!

Chart of fast growing careers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


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