How To Become An RN

Working as an RN can be a very rewarding and satisfying career and considering it’s a job that is experiencing some of the fastest growth in the country, it really is a great career path to think about. Especially in this uncertain job climate pursuing a career that has a lot of job potential is smart.

What Does A Registered Nurse Do?

If you love working with people and can handle multi-tasking, you will find that this could be a great career for you. A registered nurse has many responsibilities. They are usually the first person a patient will see and the last before they are discharged from the hospital or doctors office. They are in charge of administering medications, checking a patients vital signs, and explaining after care treatment. They also play a huge role in the daily operations in a hospital.

Education Requirements

Enrolling in continued education is a key component of becoming an RN. In fact, you never stop learning if you are working in health care. You will be responsible for continuing your education as long as you are a registered nurse. After completing high school, or receiving your GED, you will need to then get a higher education.

You can do this by attending a college that offers a nursing degree program. An associate’s degree in nursing will take a person about 3 years to complete, but a determined person could complete it in 2 years, if attending school full-time.

Job Growth

Job growth is expected to only increase if you are wondering how to become an rn. You will have endless possibilities in this field. Registered nurses make up the largest amount of workers in the world of health care, and with so many nurses retiring their will always be a need to fill their positions. Hospitals around the country are understaffed and hiring RN’s on a regular basis.According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for RNs is expected to hit 22% between 2008 and 2018. This is much faster than most jobs around the country. The aging of the baby boomer generation and their subsequent need for more healthcare is spurring on this growth.

Most people think of RN’s working in hospitals, but there are many job opportunities beyond hospitals and the hours are not always nights, weekends, and holidays. You could find work as a RN at a doctors office, schools and retirement homes. In fact, there’s a big difference in the rate of job growth when you break down registered nurse jobs by industry. By knowing which specific area of health care is hiring the most can give you a big edge during your job hunting.

  • Physician’s Offices 48% growth
  • Home health care 33% growth
  • Nursing care facilities 25%
  • Employment services 24%
  • Hospitals 17%

How to become an rn will also be very lucrative as well. They make a very comfortable living and with continued education and job advancements you can expect to make up to $68,000 a year. It’s possible to make even more if you have a Batchlor’s degree, or work in a hospital as a head nurse.

Interview Video With RN

This is an interview with a real registered nurse that is good behind the scenes look at what it means to be an RN. It’s a good unvarnished look at the position and gives a good feel for the world of a registered nurse.

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