Medical Administrative Assistant – An Overview

To become a medical administrative assistant you will be required to learn the in’s and out’s of the administrative side of health care. You may not be working with patients directly like a nurse, but you will be required to help patients with scheduling appointments, or billing for medical care.

The duties of a medical administrative assistant are working with computers, telephone call centers, billing department, and ordering medical supplies. A person can expect to receive a large amount of on the job training because every hospital or medical center has a different way of operating their facility.

Education Requirements

A medical administrative assistant will be required to have a higher education. Assuming a person has completed their high school education they then can get a medical certification, or associates degree. In some cases a 4 year degree will be required if a person wants to work in a particular hospital or administrative department.

In school a student will study medical billing, medical terminology, and accounting. They will be responsible for handling personal patient information. Some schools will offer accredited programs while others won’t. If you choose to continue your education an accredited school should be considered.

Good Qualities To Have

In this career it is important to be able to deal with patients well conveying the instructions set forth by the physician properly. Of course good organizational skills are imperative as well as respect the confidential nature of a patients records. A good working knowledge of medical terminology as well as knowledge of the workings of health care practices is a must. Of course a lot of this knowledge you’ll learn through your education, training and certification studies.

Job Growth

A medical administrative assistant can expect to have excellent opportunities after completing their education. The need for qualified medical administrative assistants are growing every year. You can find jobs in medical offices, hospitals and medical supply companies. A person can expect to have a intern position right after school, but in most cases this will lead to permanent employment. Working hours will depend on the medical facility or hospital. If you are working at a hospital you can expect to work nights and weekends, but there are many medical assistants that work a 9 -5 job in a medical office.


The salary for a medical administrative assistant will depend on many factors. Education is a huge factor because a person that will have a certification will not make as much as a person that has their Batcholor’s degree. This is because their qualifications and job duties will be much greater. A person can expect to make $25,000 to $30,000 a year depending on where they are employed. Keep in mind that salary ranges change also depending on area of work. Take a look at this salary breakdown for medical assistant salaries in terms of area of work from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Hospitals $29,720
  • Colleges, Universities and Professional Schools $28,820
  • Offices of Physicians $28,710
  • Outpatient Care Centers $28,570
  • Offices of Other Health Care Practitioners $25,240

Keep in mind that growth in physician offices is expected to have the most growth in terms of job openings so if you are on the job hunt be sure to focus on them.

Career Overview Video

Take a look at this simple overview video that breaks down what you’ll be required to do as a medical administrative assistant.

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